Canggu Bali Indonesia

October 13


November 24, 2019

Come join us in Canggu, Bali.

This will be a mini version of our full scale Stone Soup Family Pop Up. We will meet once a week, each Sunday, throughout the month of October and November.  We will meet and share events, experiences, and more throughout our time together. The core of Stone Soup Family Pop Up Communities is our community skills share concept.  In order for us to effectively create this experience, one member of each family will be required to host a workshop, activity, or another offering, at least once throughout the pop up.  Unlike our full scale pop up, you can join any or all weeks throughout the two months.  This is more of an informal gathering, a bit of a “pop in”.  Click the button for a detailed description for how this works.

Cost to attend is $100

Note: The cost to attend this pop is much lower for a few reasons. Firstly, we will only officially meet once a week, and unlike the Amed Bali Pop Up there isn’t a requirement to attend the entire month. You can come any Sunday that is convenient for you to attend. This gives people the opportunity to stay almost anywhere in Bali, and still be able to make it to Canggu on Sundays. Many community members will likely want to meet up more often, so it will still be beneficial to you to be as close to Canggu as possible, but it will not be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Visa requirements?

We have written up some basic information on this here:

Please remember to do your own research as well and get all your papers in order well in advance of your trip.

What is required of me if I attend?

There is a skill share requirement for everyone who attends. This can be anything from teaching a class or running a discussion group to helping with event management or coordinating activities. For more information we encourage you to please read everything we have on how a Stone Soup Pop Up works

What do I do for housing?

You are welcome to find your own housing in the area of the pop up or sometimes we have more communal housing options available.

If you are interested in communal housing options, please reach out on Facebook and we’ll let you know if there is anything available for this pop up.

If you want to find your own housing, there are several ways to do it.
1. Use Airbnb or another similar website.
2. Contact a real estate agent in the area so that they can help you find options.
3. Ask people in our Facebook group what they have found and if they have any suggestions.
Once you have located a desired home to stay in it is almost always worthwhile to ask them “is this your best price?” In developing countries it is especially common to ask for a better price and this is no different when looking for housing. If you plan to stay for more than a month you will usually get a discount and that discount only gets bigger the longer you plan to stay. Don’t be afraid to ask, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

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