Amed, Bali Indonesia​

August 30


September 28, 2019

This will be a full-scale one-month Stone Soup Family Pop Up Community.   It will be held in Amed Bali from August 30 to September 28, 2019. We are excited to announce that this time around we have co-living opportunities available.  Options range from private villas and apartments, to private suites with shared kitchens.  We are working to secure really great rates, and so far we have 3 places that can host around 20 families.  We will announce the housing details as soon as it’s completed.  The group rates we secure are offered “at cost” to you.  In doing it this way, we will really maximize our experience by minimizing time spent on traveling to meet up with one another throughout the week.  We have one main facility that will host the main activities of each week.  This is also where at least 10 families can live for the month.  The other homestays and villas will be in walking distance to the main location.  We highly recommend choosing one of our carefully selected housing venues.  We have hired a company this year to ensure the best standards for accommodations in the area. 

 We will meet to share events, experiences and more throughout the month. The core of Stone Soup Family Pop Up Communities is our community skills share concept.  In order for us to effectively create this experience, one member of each family will be required to host a workshop, activity, or another offering, at least once throughout the pop up.  See below for a detailed description for how this works.

What's included?

Opening and closing party

We provide food and entertainment. You provide the good company!

Weekly community classes and activities

Each week members of our very own community will provide classes and activities for children and adults.

Weekly Traditional Balinese Dinner

On Tuesday night we’ll bring everyone together for a Traditional Balinese Dinner. YUM!

Full-time access

You will have full-time access to the gathering space, wi-fi, and pool facilities at designated times throughout the week.

Morning Yoga/Meditation

Every morning we will have yoga, meditation, breathwork or some other holistic movement class. Get your body, mind, and spirit in full alignment!


Sunset Stories

5-days a week those who wish to can join in or volunteer to host story time.

Community Organizers

Yes, it takes time away from our families to put all this together and make sure it runs smoothly.

Discounts on local amenities

Get discounts on the local shop prices, drivers, and more.

YOUR contributions

The biggest and best part of Stone Soup is the community. What you and other families offer makes this possible.

Weekly Pool Party

Enjoy splashing good fun around the pool each week while building friendships.

Free Family Photography Session

Each week a professional family photoshoot will be raffled off.  You gotta be in it to win it!

Private Facebook Group

Stay up to date as events are added organically throughout the month based on interests and demand.  

What's NOT Included

We are currently planning special projects that you and your children will have the option to take part in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The details of these are currently being worked out and will be announced as soon as we can, but there will be an extra cost to these projects if you wish to participate. We’ll let you know as it gets closer, but for now just be ready for some optional add-ons that we are excited about.

Other things that aren’t included in the main fee is of course anything that is not listed above (please don’t make assumptions, ask us if you’re not sure). But to be clear lodging is NOT part of the main price (though we will provide options to get centralized housing as an add-on).  Meals (apart from the opening and closing party and the weekly Balinese dinner) excursions around the island etc. are at your own expense.  


General Fee To Attend Is $500

Why You Must Come to Amed

 Amed is a narrow strip of fishing villages along the coastal line in East Bali.  Amed Beach was best known for its traditional salt farming.  Now, with its beautiful underwater world and historical shipwreck uncovered, its become popular among scuba divers, snorkeling fans, and recently, free divers.  While the area is developing for tourism, it’s still maintaining its traditional feel.

We love Amed as it’s a lot less busy and crowded than other parts of Bali. There we will be able to unwind and experience the beautiful nature of Bali that you’ve seen featured in magazines.  You can take long strolls along calmer beaches than you find in more popular zones, and as these are not surfer beaches, like other Bali hot-spots, we can swim in the ocean without fighting the waves.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Visa requirements for Indonesia?

We have written up some basic information on this here:

Please remember to do your own research as well and get all your papers in order well in advance of your trip.

What is required of me if I attend?

There is a skill share requirement for everyone who attends. This can be anything from teaching a class or running a discussion group to helping with event management or coordinating activities. For more information we encourage you to please read everything we have on how a Stone Soup Pop Up works

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Expanded Experiences & Play

We are continuously developing genuine friendships that create an environment for fellowship and learning that encourages and thrives from active community involvement.

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