How it works

If you can believe it, you can conceive it!

Stone Soup is first and foremost a co-created community. Therefore a key component of Stone Soup is the community skill share aspect.  In order to be eligible to join an experience with us each family must contribute by offering either a workshop, skill, service, assist a workshop, and/or be willing to volunteer time where needed. We are happy to assist each family in deciding how you can add value to the pop-up. It’s with the knowledge, expertise and willingness of participating families that Stone Soup Family Pop Up is made a success. 

There are also many of us in this world who have skills to share and trade, or crafts, books and services etc. to sell that are relevant to this group. At a Stone Soup Family Pop Up Community we bring all of these opportunities to each destination. We literally create a neighborhood for and by the members of the community.  From accountability groups to singing circles and circus camps, the opportunities are endless. This is an amazing way for us to come together and create community that can really help each family grow and thrive.

The requirement to attend:

Below are suggested contributions to attend.  The requirement is at least one of the following from one member of each family. However, more members of your family are welcome to contribute a class, workshop or other offering, as usually is the case.

1. Host a weekly class or workshop for adults or children

2. Be the head person for an excursion, meet up etc.

3. Give weekly family or personal mentoring

4. Offer a weekly class in movement/ meditation/ breathwork

5. Some other weekly offerings to the group. Perhaps painting, writing, public speaking, a concert .. dig deep on your skills.

6. Volunteer 4 hours throughout the month in the children’s space.

Note: We can have more than one person doing a similar workshop if there is enough interest.

We absolutely welcome children to lead workshops and activities if they so desire. So if your child has skills they’d like to teach we’d love to have them. Children are often inspired to learn from their peers and dedicated teens who have a passion for something in life. We want to showcase all the talents of the community including our youth.

Make a conscious effort to commit to participate for the full 30 days so we keep the sense of community. Of course this does not mean going to everything every day; however, at least weekly participation is requested in addition to what you are hosting.

Is this a strict policy?  No way!  We know that each family is different and has different circumstances throughout the week. You are absolutely welcome to attend as much or as little as you would like. But we ask that you seriously consider if this is something for you so that you can gain the most out of this as well as give. Besides when you are enjoying time with like minded individuals you just want to keep it going.

Why is there a skill share “requirement”?

Think of a garden. Before you eat from it you must grow an abundant garden. Thus the saying “you reap what you sow”. One of the nicest things about a homegrown garden is the variety in the yield.

One of the fastest and best ways to grow a thriving community or group is with collective cultivation. Also when we feel useful and needed in a group we are likely to promote its success. We also give more authentically and feel more willing to contribute when we know to expect the same from our fellow members. It opens others to give more without the worry of being taken advantage of. We quickly see how much we have to gain when many people give. I’m sure you’ve heard of the story of “stone soup” if not look it up. It explains the concept. As we each contribute our own uniqueness, we gain a more abundant variety that we can all enjoy.

Join us at a chosen locations out in the world. 

At Stone Soup Family Pop Up you will be immersed in an environment where you can connect, collaborative and co-create in community.  In addition to pre determined offerings throughout each pop-up, events and workshop are created organically according to demand.

Expect offerings such as:

Weekly unconference style discussions, co-working space, children’s experiential learning space, local experts and vendors, events and workshops, mom outings, dad outings, family outings and local excursions.  Museum visits with private workshops, toddler meet-up, teen outings, yoga and other body movement classes.  Weekly potluck, monthly book club and at least one community pop-up artisan fair and skillshare event.  Private family photo sessions opportunities, and lots of opportunity to immerse in collaborative experiences.


With us being a large group we get access to discounts on rentals, events and excursions so expect to pay $350 – $500 per family per month or $50 – $75 for a mini pop depending on the destination. You are also responsible for your accommodations, excursions, food costs etc. At some destinations it will be possible to rent accommodations at a private shared housing facility.  

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