How 34 Global Families Created Community in 30 days in Mexico

On October 1 2018 we gathered for the first  time to officially begin our month-long co-creation of community in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Many families were present at the opening party, and by the middle of the second week, the majority of the families attending had arrived.  In total from start to finish, 34 families joined with over 140 people (children and adults).

We rented space at a co-working facility twice a week. This was where the bulk of our planned events took place, with the third being at Parque Benito Juarez.  Each week there was access to many workshops, meet-ups, dinners, excursions and lots and lots of play among the children and adults. Workshops were hosted by Stone Soup members, as well as vendors in the community of San Miguel.  Twice weekly, we hosted a holistic health series talk after yoga, breath work, and meditation, discussed over breakfast at a local restaurant. We hosted a “Red Tent” for women, “Dad’s Night Outings”, “Teen Workshops”, a weekly singing circle, weekly masterminds in business, real estate, and homeschooling, weekly Dungeons and Dragon’s club and so much more.  The children took part in a Mexican cultural workshop series and a circus camp each week, both taught by local residents.

Many events were added along the way, based on the needs and requests of our community.  All this was made possible by each family contributing one or more service, workshop, or other community offering.   There were probably 25 or more programs and services each week, created by the Stone Soup community. The power of giving a little, yet gaining a lot, was displayed throughout the month. There was more laughter, tears of awakening, brainstorming and fellowship, than I think any of us realized was possible.  By the end, many realized how short a month was, and requested that the future pop-ups be extended for up to three months.

Attendees came from many different parts of the world, and there were at least 9 different languages spoken.  Many of us attended The Family Adventure Summit directly afterward as speakers, volunteers and participants. It was definitely a beautiful transition.  The next Family Adventure Summit is taking place in October 2019 in Ubud, Bali.  There will be a Stone Soup Family Pop Up from August 30 to September 28, 2019 in Amed, Bali.   Learn more here.

Our children were the most amazing to witness.  They hit the ground running immediately forming friendships and close bonds.  They worked and played together.  They created their own games, collaborated on ideas, and even managed to run a lemonade stand from production to sale.  I think many of us adults were able to learn so much, from the examples they set, for how to really take life for all that it has to offer.   Many of the children were already planning for another pop-up, long before the date had been set.

A huge amount of gratitude goes out to each and every one of the families who participated, and made this community come alive.  All that it is comes as a result of all the work, ideas, love and attention we all contributed. What started as a concept, turned into a beautiful reality.  We accomplished so much just by showing up, and saying yes to positivity, in a world that can make this difficult.

Join us next year at one of the many pop-ups taking place out in the world.

Below is a video made by the efforts of Nichole Gavel and 12-year-old Sebastian Rojas.  It’s their first film ever!  It really captures the month, and is a warm representation of all that we experienced together.

I hope to see you out in the world!

Azizi Birkeland


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