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What is Stone Soup?

It can be lonely as a traveling family.   Traveling families need community.  We provide opportunities for families on extended travel to come together as a community, to create powerful experiences.  Together we build knowledge, skills, friendships, and especially memories, that give families a sense of place in the world.

Who We Are

Global families who co-create intentionally somewhere in the world from 1-3 months at a time to learn, grow, work, play in community while exploring a part of the world. We share our collective experiences, skills, knowledge, and nurture meaningful relationships to allow us all to navigate the world more empowered. They say it takes a village but first you have to create it. We are now, more than ever, a global village. We can consciously create the world we want to thrive in wherever we live or travel to; for a more enjoyable world for all, one pop up at a time.

Experience deeper connections with like-minded families for those longing for community while living “out in the world”. In the company of others, we get to go deeper and examine what it takes to strengthen our personal story, our families, and our marriages as we re-evaluate the way we live and how we want to expand in our world.

Break Boundaries

At a Stone Soup Family Pop Up Community we open up to facing our fears around how our children are educated, our fears around financing a non-traditional way of living and anything we feel is holding us and our families back from living life fully realized.

Dates & Locations

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What we Stand for:

Stone Soup Family Pop Up is a community that is characterized by the efforts and visions of its members.  As a community we embrace:

  • Life
  • Family
  • Service
  • Diversity
  • Education
  • Knowledge
  • Expanded Experiences & Play